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We currently handle crystals, molecules, and devise models. New types of models will be continuously developed and announced through our channels.

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Scientific videos

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Scientific Models

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  • Create a creative Package for your scientific publications using state of art tchnologies : TOCs, teasers, analysis charts, and animations
  • Transform complex equations and scientific concepts into visuals that students and trainees are able to understand in few minutes
  • Make the complex scientific concepts attractive and easy to understand by the public and let science take a place in the digital content world

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Enough Talk, Let's Build Something Together

Material Solved has helped me to explain the work of five weeks in five minutes through five images only! I found big difficulty in explaining my work to the scientific society using traditional methods before. I also enjoyed the communication with the team, they are respnonsive and available. Being able to communicate both in Arabic and English is a strong plus! I would be happy to collaborate with them again.

Amal Al-Amri Materials science PhD student

Material Solved helped me to get a best poster award in a multidiciplnary conference!

Nour El-Sagan PhD - Clean combustion

I had the pleasure working with Material Solved in a recent project. The process smooth, clear, and they were professional and friendly. I look forward to an opportunity to work with them again. Best of luck Material Solved.

Ashraf Kamel. Illustrator. Octobox Studio

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